For Sale:   SOLD

Date:  July 16, 2013

12' San Francisco Pelican Sailboat  - Number 2311


Health issues force sale of this wonderful boat!!

Boat comes with sails (main and jib), adjustable motor mount, all rigging, boat hook, compass, tow oars, and a trailer with NEW tires.  Also included are misc hardware, PFDs, Line, Rope, Fenders, Kick-up Rudder, and other assorted goodies.

Everything works and is in good order.  It needs a little cleaning, but other than that - it is OK fine.  No leaks!

This boat has a wonderful fleet here in the Puget Sound area.  The first 3 images are from a race on Lake Stevens.  This is about 1/2 the number of boats that appeared for the event.

Located on Ocean Park, WA.  3-1/2 hours from Seattle, WA.  2-1/2 hours from Portland, OR.


History:  The 12 foot Pelican was first designed in 1959 by Captain William H. Short in Larkspur CA. The Captain was dissatisfied with the behavior of his 8’ El Toro in San Francisco Bay when it breezed up. The Pelican was designed to “fill the need for a safe San Francisco Bay dinghy which can be built at home easily and inexpensively” wrote Captain Short in a letter to the Rudder magazine Mail Barrel August of 1960. The Pelican has been refined over the years and boasts these particulars:
LOA 12’ 21/2 “, Beam at Sheer 6’ 13/4 “ Draft Board Up 4”, Draft Board Down 4’, Freeboard
Amidships 24”, Main Sail Area 72 Sq. Ft., Jib Sail Area 33 Sq. Ft., Trailer Weight 390 Lbs. Aprox.

This big, little vessel is a cross between a dory and a sampan as seen in the photos. Her steep hull rocker, deep side panels and 6 foot plus beam added to a very controllable Lug Sail main -- with mini jib -- makes for an excellent heavy weather sailing skiff. Captain Short stated of his original Pelican Chloe Maru: “I have not yet had to sit up outside her cockpit coaming, although I have sailed (the Pelican) to the lightship (out past the Golden Gate Bridge !) and back in a strong breeze”.

Price:  $2400.00 - I can take credit cards but I have to charge an additional 3% for credit card fees. (total of: $2472.00)

The images below show the S.F. Pelican in action or getting ready for action - there is a good sized fleet here in the Seattle area.

Boats at play


Located in Ocean Park, WA 
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